BUILD 2020

Technology.  Sustainability.  Humanity.

A manifesto for this generation

“Molina looks to past socially progressive movements — like Black Power, the American Indian movement, the Chicano movement, the struggle for women’s rights and others — for proof that focused, intentional people can create positive change. But he also embraces the modern context of today’s movement.” Eryc Eyl, Reverb : Denver Post

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Molina Speaks performs a live rendition of Build 2020 at TedX MileHigh:

“He’s a hip-hopper who says what he means and means what he says. But Molina’s latest project… is bigger than hip-hop. ‘Build 2020 Manifesto’ is just what its name implies — an urgent call to people of all ages to take charge of our own futures before someone else does. And we can pretty much guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like it.”

– Denver Post Reverb

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