Everything is Poetry.  Every Movement.  Every Breath.  Every Story.  All words left unsaid.  Poems for the living.  Poems for the unborn.  Poems for the dead. Stillness and silence become songbirds, giving the speaker freedom from fear.  Reflections, taking night.  Resurrections, breaking day.  Rhythms and rituals binding spirits to time.  Praise for gifts of space, released from the body.  We are what we say and how we say it, manifesting realities we create through our sound vibration. There is Earth without man.  There is no World without Poetry.  We are all poets by design.  

Celebrate life.  Live your words. 


Currently seeking publisher for completed manuscript–2018 publications

Selected poems published by Café Cultura, Mountain Gazette, Lighthouse Writers, As Us, and Artscapes Magazine, and others 

Stompin’ Ground Games: A Poetic Tour of Denver’s Shifting Landscapesself-published chapbook (2017)

Bronze Future, self-published literary chapbook (2016)

Bronze Future, self-published video chapbook (2012): www.MolinaSpeaks.com/BronzeFuture

The Age of Revisionself-published chapbook (2008): www.smashwords.com/books/view/314679

Complete Discography: www.Molina.Bandcamp.Com

Literary and Arts Blog: www.TheArtistLens.com



The Age of Revision was self-published in 2008 by the poet and performing artist Molina Speaks.  He was known as Molina Soleil at the time.  Equally influenced by urban Hip-Hop and Latin American poetic classics, this chapbook is about identity and transformation, systemic violence, love, cultural shifts, and spirits.  Poems like No More Heroes strike at the underpinnings of constructed reality.  The Letters to the Moon will make you fall in love.

The Age of Revision - a book of poetry by Molina Speaks

Purchase on E-Book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/314679



Part 1. “Ceremony”

En los dias de los muertos on October 30th, 2012, Molina Speaks retired five works of poetry from performance.
1. Young Brown Poet (2006)
2. There Forever Lies a King (2001)
3. No More Heroes (2008)
4. A Reflection of Justice (2001, revised in 2007)
5. October Myst (2008)

Video filmed by Kimberly “Invinity” Ford
Edited and Produced by Molina Speaks

Molina Speaks Productions 2012

Part 2. “Buried Words”

Photos from October 30th 2012 Poetry Burial:

Molina Speaks Poetry Burial 2012

Oshun. Alter. Molina Speaks poetry burial

Molina Speaks w/ Asia Fajardo-Wright - Poetry Burial 2012

Molina Speaks Poetry Burial 2012 - dias de los muertos

Molina Speaks poetry burial 2012 at Su Teatro

Molina Speaks & Crew - Poetry Burial 2012

Poetry Burial: Special thank you to Valarie Castillo and Su Teatro, Olivia Martinez, Jenny Santos, Asia Fajardo-Wright, Mimi Madrid, Marina Del Mar, Randy Runyan, DJ Cavem Moetavation, and Owen Trujillo.



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