Pressed for Time??? #MechanizedTime

Reflections on Time. Bolded segments from the book Time Wars: The Primary Conflict in Human History, Jeremy Rifkin (C 1987) << a book ahead of its… Time. Molina Speaks comments in italics.


As every thought, text message, email, phone call… electronic transmission… is literally [actually] recorded in the mechanized world bank of time… Perhaps CONTROL OF #TIME itself… is the ultimate struggle of this era, superseding and impacting ALL Conflict in all areas of human relations, and therefore our biological relationship to the planet and the Cosmos.

“As people do more and more of their daily business by computer, the amount of face-to-face interaction is radically reduced and the pace of social activity is greatly speeded up.” image

A twelve year old boy compared his time on the computer to a dream state.  “[It’s like] falling asleep and thinking you’ve only been asleep for fifteen minutes but you’ve actually been sleeping the whole night.  You try and figure out where the time went.  It went into the computer.”

As compu-time accelerates its strain on the mind, body, spirit, the time it is taking you to read this may weigh heavily on your consciousness. How much time, do YOU have, really, to waste, on such useless, non-productive, uneconomical ponderings? Time [Warp].

“It is ironic that in a culture so committed to saving time we feel increasingly deprived of the very thing we value. The modern world of streamlined transportation, instantaneous communication, and time-saving technologies was supposed to free us from the dictates of the clock and provide us with increased leisure. Instead there seems never to be enough time. What time we do have is chopped up into tiny segments, each filled in with prior commitments and plans. Our tomorrows are spoken for, booked up in advance. We rarely have a moment to spare. Tangential or discretionary time, once a mainstay, an amenity of life, is now a luxury.”

In the 13th century the automated clock laid the foundation for the Age of Mechanism, and a clockwork universe. The stress, disorientation, fatigue, and general confusion this transformation caused on people’s sense of time and space, life rhythms, was/is/will be miniscule in comparison to the new compu-time, the new paradigm, of Time.

Modern science, technology, and commerce envision man as machine.

Computers measure time in nano seconds.  We now spend the majority of our days on computers.  We walk around with computers in our pockets.  WHO is keeping our time???

“The clock measures time in relationship to human perceptibility. It is possible to experience an hour, a minute, a second, and though it is possible to conceive theoretically of a nanosecond, and even to manipulate time at that speed of duration, it is not possible to experience it. This marks a radical turning point in the way human beings relate to time. Never before has time been organized at a speed beyond the realm of consciousness.”


NANO SECONDS have become the new measurement of time, computer time, web time, phone time, 24-7-60-365 <<< Old, outdated measurements of Time.

Nano second time: “When many of the decision-making activities of society take place below the threshold of human consciousness, SOCIAL TIME, as measured by the clock, becomes irrelevant. The events being processed in the computer world exist in a time realm that we will never be able to experience. The new “computime” represents the final abstraction of time and its complete separation from human experience and rhythms of nature”.

Social time now = nano second time???

There’s a war for your TIME no blind man is safe from / the robots wanna patent the sun / so I spit shapes, keep it geometric / Next shit, cuz life is hectic…

“The computer introduces a new time perspective and with it a new vision of the future…The new computer technology is already changing the way we conceptualize time and, in the process, is changing the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.”

Again, this book was far ahead of it’s time. 1987.

“As the tempo of modern life has continued to accelerate, we have come to feel increasingly out of touch with the biological rhythms of the planet, unable to experience a close connection to the natural environment. The human time world is no longer joined to the incoming and outgoing tides, the rising and setting sun, and the changing of seasons. Instead, humanity has created an artificial time environment punctuated by mechanical contrivances and electronic impulses: a time plane that is quantitative, fast-paced, efficient, and predictable.”

 imageThe computer world…the simulated world: “is totally contrived, one in which sequences, durations, and rhythms are pure mental constructs removed from the action of the outside world.”

“Until the modern era, every concept of time acknowledged an intimate relationship between the rhythms of social life and the rhythms of the earth’s ecosystems… While our biological life remains set to the unchanging rhythms of the natural world, our social life has become more and more acclimated to the nanosecond time frame of the computer. The ever-widening schism between natural time and social time is setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation over temporal choices and priorities in the years ahead.”

I return to the question: Who is keeping OUR time???

You gotta push back against the Master / to be the blaster / SLOW DOWN / Bet the revolution come faster / Be your own / Master

Mastering of the self, a desire to master self and self alone, mastering time to let go of the constructs and constraints of time, a return, however momentary, whenever possible, to the natural rhythms of time, personal social cultural Life in the physical world, Time consciousness, this being Resistance, so as not to be perpetually swept into the Slave System.


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