Molina Speaks is an American Artist, Poet, Musician, Social Entrepreneur and Human Bridge.  He is a Living Word Architect, Mestizo Futurist, Live Poetic Scribe, Arts Educator, Filmmaker and Producer.  Molina has released dozens of volumes of music and poetry.  Each of his Works carries a distinct subject matter, vibe and aesthetic.  Every Performance is unique to the time and space in which it is experienced.

Molina Speaks advocates for Human Rights, Civil Rights, Young People and Creative Spaces.  Molina is a TedX Fellow and has been an Artist In Residence with the National Hispanic Heritage Center, Think 360 Arts, Lighthouse Writers, La Napoule Arts Foundation, and Mizel Museum, among others.  He is a recent awardee of the Denver Foundation’s Arts Affinity Group and the City of Denver’s Imagine 2020 Cultural Fund.  As Creative Director (2012-2016) and now Lead Partner Artist, Molina has played a major role in the establishment of Youth On Record’s youth media studio.  Youth On Record serves thousands of Denver youth each year through it’s music education programs. 

Molina’s work has been critically acclaimed by Colorado Public Radio, 9 News, the Denver Post, and Westword.  He has been a feature artist of the Biennial of the Americas, Jaipur International Literary Festival, Latino Community Foundation, Colorado Thespians, Bioneers, Boston Arts Academy, Colorado Mountain College’s Common Reader Program, Denver Talks, and the Lalo Delgado Poetry Festival.  Molina is the Music Director of the documentary film “Papers,” a film about undocumented youth and their struggle for education. 

Molina Speaks has appeared at hundreds of events nationwide, including arts forums and cultural festivals, music venues, universities, junior colleges, public libraries, museums, K-12 schools, community centers and places of worship.  Molina is a vocalist and percussionist with the Afrobeat Latin Punk band Pink Hawks He is a co-founder and co-host of the podcast Brown Genius In 2017, Molina premiered a new live hip-hop act called Roots, Rice and Beans, which perform from spring to fall equinox each year.  In 2018, he will debut his first film, and will release two new albums as MO SPKS.  

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